Closing the PTA Gap

The launch of Giniis in the international market with the unique goal of providing informative communication between schools and parents for efficient follow-up on their children’s academic progress. GINIIS, a Los Angeles based company, specializes in the design of computer software in the education sector for the general public. It is their goal to provide parents with a range of information and personalized data about their children throughout the entirety of their scholastic progress.

By offering prospects for reading performance on graphical interfaces, GINIIS gathers data to best analyze the evolution of young pupils in order to facilitate their supervision. Through this supervision, GINIIS provides scholarships to brilliant students in order to expedite their journey towards larger international institutions.

In providing the above mentioned services, GINIIS facilitates parental choice in selection of outstanding educational facilities, and supports the development of a quality educational system.

Further, GINIIS has also been developed for mobile devices in order to make the educational process even more accessible, and to overcome the various constraints related to computer access. The mobile application offers the same information as the GINIIS website, which includes forums for parents to be informed by schools in order to gain further insight into the difficulties experienced by their children. The application also provides reading options for important communications and notices from schools directly to parents.

By assisting families in communicating with their children’s educational facilities, facilitating student growth, and connecting bright pupils with internationally accredited higher learning institutions; GINIIS enables families, as well as governments in the education sector.