GINIIS is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in the design of computer software for the education sector and the general public at large. It is our goal to provide parents with a robust range of information and personalized data about their children, throughout their early academic stages. GINIIS got launched on the international market with the unique goal of providing a reliable means of informative communication between schools and parents, about the academic progress of children.

By offering reports of reading performance on graphical interfaces, GINIIS gathers data that is used to supervise and analyze the evolution of young pupils. These insightful measures enable GINIIS to identify exceptionally brilliant pupils and offer them scholarships, as our contribution towards their university education; we aim for reputable international institutions and factor parental preferences into the selection of partner schools.

The GINIIS App is compatible with all mobile operating systems, so there are no limitations to access at that level. The mobile application offers the same information and features as the GINIIS website, including a central forum where parents, teachers, and school administrators can have constructive conversations about the performance of students. Parents also receive real-time push notifications as and when due, giving them the opportunity to feel close to their children, even if they are actually far away for reasons beyond their control.

By assisting families with a platform via which they can effectively stay in touch with their children’s educational milestones, facilitating student growth, and connecting brilliant pupils with internationally-accredited higher institutions of learning, GINIIS consistently empowers families and governments in the global education sector.