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GINIIS is a cloud-based School Virtualization Platform for real time teaching and learning with real time collaboration and communication for both traditional and alternative education systems. Students benefit from a virtual quality learning experience with the best teachers from anywhere and from any device! We are providing schools, teachers, etc. from across the globe the tools to design customizable training courses with a centralized dashboard, enabling parents to track course completion and monitor students' progress.

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Recent Success Stories

GINIIS accelerates academic growth

Students in Canossa Middle school

Students of Canossa Middle school measure 16% improvement in test scores, year after year

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Students in Regenboog Highschool in Eindhoven

Participation in after-school programs soars at De Regenboog Highschool, Eindhoven

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Konadu Yiadom Senior High

Graduation rates at Konadu Yiadom Senior High School increase by an average of 6% per annum

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Students in Sekolah Tun Fatimah school

Reading habits at Sekolah Tun Fatimah school are rapidly improving, and this is gaining national recognition.

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Advanced Technology

GINIIS is a US-standard App built with high levels of sophistication and intuitiveness

Reports of your child's standings on all devices
Reports of your child's standings on all devices

Flexible learning on-the-go

GINIIS makes in-class and distant learning available to anyone, regardless of their location and level of IT literacy; The App makes it possible for classes to be recorded, so students can learn at their pace and relevant information can be shared without the inaccuracies of manual methods.

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Access from anywhere at anytime

GINIIS is cost-effective

The App can be installed without servers and related hardware so as a subscriber, you get to save huge on installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Access from anywhere at anytime

“Finally! GINIIS has come to close the gaps between those teachers and parents struggling to keep up with students.

— Jans F. & Reneta M.
Executive Editors, Teach Magazine

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