The school App that finally closes the PTA gap

Giniis uses seamless reporting of real-time academic performance to connect students, parents and teachers.

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Campus Success Stories

Schools use Giniis to accelerate academic growth

Students in Canossa Middle school

Students of Canossa Middle school measure 16% improvement in test scores, year after year

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Students in Regenboog Highschool in Eindhoven

Participation in after-school programs soars at De Regenboog Highschool, Eindhoven

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Konadu Yiadom Senior High

Graduation rates at Konadu Yiadom Senior High School increase by an average of 6% per annum

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Students in Sekolah Tun Fatimah school

The improvement of reading habits at Sekolah Tun Fatimah school gains national recognition

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Advanced Technology

With Giniis, parents are never too far away from their children’s academic achievements

Reports of your child's standings on all devices
Reports of your child's standings on all devices

View real-time performance reports as often as you want

The Giniis App offers such powerful reports help parents to stay up-to-date about their children's attendance, performance, and academic growth throughout each school year.

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Access from anywhere at anytime

Gain access from anywhere, and at any time

Giniis makes it possible for parents to monitor the academic performance of their children. Stay connected to yours whenever you want, on all your devices.

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Access from anywhere at anytime

“Finally! Giniis has come to close the gaps between those teachers and parents struggling to keep up with students.

— Jans F. & Reneta M.
Executive Editors, Teach Magazine

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